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Everyone knows what roulette is and for those who don’t, I am sure they have seen a roulette table at least. That famous wheel game which you must have seen in casinos in movies is called roulette. This game has stood the test of time and has evolved into an exciting game in which players can predict the lucky number and place bets accordingly. There are two kinds of gamblers. In the first typology are those who gamble just for the fun of it, in the other those who gamble very seriously. It is the latter that is most affected by the fortunes of the game and steadily looks for successful gambling strategies. This game gives the players a wide choice of possible bets and this variety made often think that it might be a possible combination or pattern leading to a sure win. Unfortunately this concept has – sometimes dramatically – proven itself to be false.

Roulette is most importantly a game of luck and does not depend on the skills of the player whatsoever. This has to be understood. So if it is not in your destiny to win, then no strategy will help you to win. This game is hence sharp, in contrast with a game like blackjack, which depends on the player’s skills and not on his luck entirely. Hence since you don’t have any control over the roulette ball, the only thing you have a control on is your own bets. And hence the best roulette strategy is really based on just money management and how to make the right kind of bets at the right time in order to maximize your gains and minimize your losses. That in all honesty is the secret of roulette.

Many gamblers who play roulette believe that the game can be judged by the law of averages. Though it is generally true, there is no hard and fast rule that dictates that this law will necessarily apply to your current game. For example, if black numbers have come up for a dozen times in a row, there is no guarantee that the next one will be a red number. Hence each and every spin in the game of roulette should be taken individually irrespective of the result in the previous spins. That is of paramount importance.

The American Roulette has a 5.26% house edge while the European Roulette has a 2.7% house edge. Hence now you know which variation you should be playing. Your odds of winning are better with the European version of the game and not the American one as many Americans themselves will tell you.

There are certain moves and techniques that you can use in order to ensure that you get the best out of the game and help in preventing the loss of money from those bets that sound good, but are actually bad. If you are a beginner and are lucky enough to be at a casino, then it is very important that you learn by observing others’ play. Remember the golden rule of any gambling game, keep an observant eye and learn from other people’s mistakes. These are the only two things you need really to keep in mind.

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